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Limited Edition "Lake" Engraved Pocket Compass & Leather Pouch

Compass Dimensions: 1.75" diameter x 0.75" height
Composition: 100% Brass

Gather ‘round, young wanderer. To use the compass, hold it flat in your hand like a treasure map, let the needle settle, and it’ll point you north (make sure both the needle and N on compass line up), guiding your path through the woods.

Ah, a sundial, a relic of time itself! Find a spot bathed in sunlight, away from shadows and tall trees. Place the sundial on level ground, ensuring it sits firm and steady. Align its gnomon, that’s the little stick, pointing north if ye know the way, or just straight up if not. Now, mark the hour lines on the face of the sundial as the shadows dance with the sun’s movement. Watch how the shadow shifts across those lines, telling the time as the day marches on. Remember, it’s nature’s clock, so it may not be as precise as them city-folk’s contraptions, but it’ll keep you in rhythm with the woods and the sky above.

Limit 2 per customer.