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Long Lost Autographed CD


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Title: Long Lost
Format: CD (Autographed)
Release Date: May 21, 2021

CD Tracklist*
01) The Moon Doesn’t Mind
02)  Mine Forever
03)  (One Helluva Performer)
04)  Love Me Like You Used To
05)  Meet Me in The City
06)  (Sing For Us Tonight)
07)  Long Lost
08)  Twenty Long Years
09)  Drops in the Lake
10)  Where Did The Time Go
11)  Not Dead Yet
12)  (Deep Down Inside Ya)
13)  I Lied (feat. Allison Ponthier)
14)  At Sea
15)  What Do It Mean
16)  Time’s Blur

This item has been autographed by Lord Huron!

 *CD tracklist displays differently from other formats but contains the same music